October 25, 2012

Wanderer bag


Can I represent you my new work, the Wanderer bag:

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September 15, 2012

For Petri

My third binding (the second is secret right now). This is the same size as Hobbit notebook, so it is hand-fitting and practical. This was gift for my one of the closest friends, Petri, as you can see below in these photos. I designed the very first page just for him and it translated as: 'For Petri, whose world remains always colorful, despite clouds and inkrain.'

The cover is colorstripes from printing sheets. I weaved them together as one sheet. It was fun, try yourself :) I am satisfied with the result but the cover's umbrella might be better though.

Enjoy this colorful splash~

August 19, 2012

The Hobbit notebook

This was my little project while ago and now I have finished this with my new logo and stamp : ))) I am pretty satisfied because I haven't binded notebooks in a looong time, last time was merely 6 years ago. With some help of library books and Youtube this notebook was possible to make. Design is my own and the text on back cover is Bilbo's most famous line ^^

The cover is rough natural colored thin fabric. Pictures and shapes are made by cutting from transparency. Altogether 4 stencils and of course fabric colors. The text on back cover is self written with thin brush. I had some miscalculation with that and somehow the text isn't in the middle... oh my. Sometimes I had little difficulties during this project but now I can handle those afterwards : 3 So it's not a perfect book yet.

And most of these materials are recycled like fabric, cardboard and pagepaper : ))

I loved making this blanco notebook<33 I can't wait until 12th December! The Hobbit will be awesome, I can sense it already! :'D

Influence by J.R.R.Tolkien

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Hi there

You managed to find this little blog, hope you will enjoy it : ) I am 21 years old young graphic desiner and bookbinding is one of my passions. I gladly share my works here for you to see and hope you'll like them (and maybe will comment some words). Well, I'm not good at talking so enjoy your visit on Swallow Bookbinding blog!

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